Commercial Refrigeration For Every Use

Keep Ingredients Fresh While Maximizing Available Space

A commercial refrigerator is essential for maintaining the freshness of your food, but deciding which refrigerator is best for you isn’t so clear-cut. Factors like the average temperature of your kitchen, the type of product you work with, and available space all play a part in determining which system will work best for your business.

Ballentine Food Service Equipment offers commercial refrigerators for all purposes. Whether you need a top mount refrigerator for your bakery, an undercounter freezer to maximize limited space, or a walk-in for greater capacity, you can find the equipment you need with the guidance of our expert staff.

Preserve Your Products With:

  • Bottom mount refrigerators
  • Solid-door reach-in freezers
  • Roll-in refrigerators
  • Pass-through refrigerators
  • Countertop freezers
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Backbar storage cabinets
  • Merchandising refrigerators
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Blast chillers

Our Preferred Commercial Refrigeration Manufacturers


For over 60 years, Ballentine Food Service Equipment has collaborated with food service operators in every sector of the industry. From consulting on the design of your kitchen to ordering, delivering and installing all of the food preparation equipment you need to run a successful operation, you can find everything you need at Ballentine.

The valuable difference in working with Ballentine versus online-only product portals, and most other food equipment providers, is the Experience, Knowledge and Personal Service that our highly trained staff has provided for more than 60 years. Your business is too important to rely on just a web order or telephone operator. It certainly is too important to us!

Rick Blinson
Turbo Air, Inc.
Executive Vice President of National Accounts

Ballentine is the top-level food service equipment organization in the Southeast. One testament to their professionalism includes a client that purchased a walk-in cooler system through another company that wasn’t the correct system for the application, and that company didn’t stand behind the system or correct the issue. Ballentine helped the client specify, order and install a system from Turbo Air that delivered the next day and really saved this Asheville client’s operation. Ballentine made sure the client was taken care of first. You definitely don’t find this with the online equipment providers or most other food equipment companies.

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