Proactive Maintenance for your Peace of Mind

Stay one step ahead by ensuring your kitchen equipment is taken care of—no matter the circumstance.

Establishing a regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance (PM) for kitchen equipment is the key to prolonging the lifespan of your equipment as well as preventing disasters. Just as we have scheduled medical and dental checkups to care for our families and ourselves, your investment in kitchen, refrigeration and HVAC equipment deserves regular professional attention to keep it operating effectively.

Preventive Maintenance can extend the life of your equipment by 30% and decrease catastrophic failures by an even larger margin. Every manufacturer recommends scheduled maintenance and Ballentine has developed a comprehensive PM program that can be tailored to your equipment and budget requirements.

In particular, you want to keep on top of the following areas (where improper maintenance can lead to more serious issues):

  • Calibration of thermostats
  • Replacement of gaskets
  • Inspection of electrical wiring and burners
  • Descaling boilers and water lines in combi ovens, steamers, dish machines, etc.

A Comprehensive Kitchen Maintenance Program

Preventive Maintenance includes inspection of gas burners that can prevent gas explosions or fires. Compared to the collateral damage from a gas explosion or the total destruction of equipment when a Fire Suppression System activates, the cost of a PM program is inconsequential. Scale damage to your boiler in a combi oven or steamer can cause the boiler shell to crack and spill water all over the control compartment. The minimum cost to replace a commercial boiler is $3,000 and that doesn’t include the damaged electronic components.  Compare this to the $100 per year it costs to maintain that boiler with a Preventive Maintenance Program.

Gaskets that are worn allow for heat and moisture to escape the cooking environment causing widely fluctuating cooking temperatures. Calibration of thermostats allows for proper control of the cooking environment so food doesn’t burn or dry out due to longer cook times. In addition to the increased energy consumption, the quality of food served is severely compromised and a higher percentage of food loss is guaranteed. Preventive Maintenance always inspects gaskets and seals and calibrates thermostats.


The loss of a few customers coupled with increased energy cost and loss of food dwarfs the small expense of a PM program. Preventive Maintenance, whether done in-house or through a reliable and certified company such as Ballentine, is of vital importance. Knowing that your equipment is well maintained will increase its lifespan, decrease energy consumption, prevent disastrous events, and reduce food loss.


For over 60 years, Ballentine Food Service Equipment has collaborated with food service operators in every sector of the industry. From consulting on the design of your kitchen to ordering, delivering and installing all of the food preparation equipment you need to run a successful operation, you can find everything you need at Ballentine.

The valuable difference in working with Ballentine versus online-only product portals, and most other food equipment providers, is the Experience, Knowledge and Personal Service that our highly trained staff has provided for more than 60 years. Your business is too important to rely on just a web order or telephone operator. It certainly is too important to us!

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