Operate Efficiently and Optimize Profits with the Restaurant Right Bar Equipment

Photo of a bar with a bar dump sink and service equipment purchased from a bar equipment supplier.

A highly efficient and well prepared bar is an enormous revenue driver for any restaurant. Equip your bartenders with everything they need to prepare and serve quality drinks, and provide excellent service, at Ballentine.

Depending on your beverage priorities, the bar equipment you need can vary widely. From running a cocktail bar to catering an event, we have the equipment, supplies, and expertise necessary to equip you for success.

The Right Equipment Adds Up to Profitability

  • Back bar cooler
  • Hand sink
  • Dump sink
  • Underbar glass rack
  • Three-compartment underbar sink
  • Glass washer
  • Underbar liquor display
  • Bottle cooler
  • Draft beer cooler
  • Draft beer system

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For over 60 years, Ballentine Food Service Equipment has collaborated with food service operators in every sector of the industry. From consulting on the design of your kitchen to ordering, delivering and installing all of the food preparation equipment you need to run a successful operation, you can find everything you need at Ballentine.

The valuable difference in working with Ballentine versus online-only product portals, and most other food equipment providers, is the Experience, Knowledge and Personal Service that our highly trained staff has provided for more than 60 years. Your business is too important to rely on just a web order or telephone operator. It certainly is too important to us!

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